Whitepaper: The AI advantage

Published on the 03/08/2018 | Written by Esker

The AI Advantage

A simple guide to elevating your business using human & machine intelligence…

What’s in the guidebook?
There’s no denying it: The age of AI, or what’s often referred to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” is already here and, in many ways, just getting warmed up. Businesses eager to create a competitive advantage are recognising that the future is in the intersection of humans and machine intelligence.

That’s why we created this guidebook. It’s sort of like AI for Dummies … but for intelligent business leaders like yourself. The ones who just want to better understand what AI is, its implications, and the benefits it brings to essential business processes. So kick back, relax and enjoy.

In just 15ish minutes, you’ll know more about AI than your competitors and your business will be better for it.

What’s inside
Defining AI
It’s kind of like
AI in our daily lives
AI’s role in business
The human/AI partnership
Business processes impacted
Makeup of a best-in-class solution
Esker’s AI timeline
AI in action: process automation
AI in action: machine learning
AI in action: deep learning
Customer results
Conclusion and key takeaways
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The AI Advantage   Read the full white paper The AI Advantage


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