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TIBCO provides integration, analytics and event-processing software for companies to use on-premises or as part of cloud computing environments. The software manages information, decisions, processes and applications for over 10,000 customers.

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Interconnect everything

Assemble Services, Applications, and Experiences
Data holds 100% of your business opportunities. Make sure it’s all accessible to your systems and people.

Accessing data, improving its quality, and getting it to the right employees, channels, processes, and devices unlocks your opportunities. Your data is in many places … in your systems, flowing from customer touchpoints or connected devices, exposed by partners and cloud applications through APIs, and in your employees’ heads, or the apps and documents they use. When you’re connected to it, you can create highly capable applications, sticky services, and great experiences. TIBCO gives you capabilities for the whole spectrum of integration use cases: connecting on premises and cloud applications, APIs and devices.

The Spectrum of Integration
From on-premises to cloud applications, microservices to APIs and connected devices, the TIBCO spectrum of integration covers all use cases. From the company that invented the Information Bus and API Management, you get a unique, end-to- end set of solutions supplying the enterprise connective tissue for all your digital initiatives.

Stop reinventing the wheel
With everything interconnected, you can leverage all capabilities available in your systems and innovate by developing new features; Constantly delight your customers and employees with new applications; combine the power of DevOps with integration to extend your application lifecycle; and deploy microservices architectures and scale them with hybrid architectures.


APIAPI Lead – TIBCO provides a complete platform to create and manage APIs, making your services and data securely available anywhere. You or your developers can graphically create these APIs from existing services, and just as easily define when, how, and by whom your APIs can be accessed. Our software also allows you to accelerate innovation by onboarding new capabilities by simply calling an API.


HybridHybrid – TIBCO Software solutions let you define your integrations once and deploy them anywhere, from container architectures to cloud services also managed by TIBCO. Test and use applications as soon as they’ve been created, even if you have no infrastructure. Scale your applications to meet demand. Whatever the case, you can do it with TIBCO.


Universal connectivityUniversal connectivity – Our integration solution not only allows you to connect to any application, API, device, or data source, its extensive set of connectors makes it easy. Should you find one technology for which TIBCO or its community does not provide a connector, creating it with open methods and resources makes it easy and you just have to do it once.


InterconnectInterconnect everything with everyone – As your use of cloud applications and services grows, so does your integration needs. Empower your teams, even non-technical staff, by allowing them to freely move data between applications with TIBCO Software’s integration services.


Quality of dataFocus on the quality of your data – Increase the benefits your business yields by being connected to your data and able to assemble a unique perspective on customers, products, and other assets. TIBCO’s Master Data Management solution enhances data so you can streamline business processes, ensure compliance, and even turn it into your next product!


Taylor applicationsTailor applications to context – When you’ve interconnected your systems, data, and people, TIBCO’s Business Process Management solutions provide applications to assemble and execute the best processes based on context. From compliance to customer processes, you can define, automate, and optimise all types of processes to digitalise your business.


Augment intelligence

With physical and digital interactions so closely intertwined, you have access to a huge amount of data.

Your big data is a gold mine if you put it to work at every level of your organisation. Arm employees with information most relevant to their roles, decisions, and actions to build knowledge, experience, differentiation, and an extraordinary ability to act in ways that delight customers.

The Spectrum of Analytics
Intuitive data visualisations and predictive analytics, reporting and dashboards embedded within key applications, and streaming analytics combining real-time connectivity with analytical insights. TIBCO supplies all the analytics technologies needed for all digital business initiatives.

Learn and grow quickly
The right analytics tools depend on your business and your analytics maturity. Start with tools that accelerate learning and help you adopt a data-driven culture, then move on to increasing your agility and industrialising processes.


Visibility and actionVisibility and action – Empower your teams with visibility and the ability to take action, to launch or accelerate initiatives, to seize the full potential of opportunities, including Internet of Things.


DecisionmakingDecision-making and action – Many users need immediate access to analytics at the exact place and time when a decision needs to be made, for example, within key applications.


Customer experienceCustomer experience and action
– The quality of the experience you provide is paramount. Analytics lets you leverage your knowledge of customers to improve their experience.



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TIBCO also has a BI/Analytics exhibit in the Australian pavilion.


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